fifty two weeks of happy week seventeen

3:20 pm

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Wow, the weeks are flying by!
My photos for this week include this beautiful mug. I love love love the Emma Bridgewater mugs with birds and flowers and wildlife, but I can never usually justify spending almost £20 on a single mug.
Today I decided to treat myself using the vouchers I got for my birthday from my father in law and step mother in law.
Initially I was going to be sensible and buy something we needed, but Woody pursuaded me to buy myself one of these mugs instead.
I could only afford one, so spent quite a while crouched next to the shelf in John Lewis trying to decide which one it would be. eventually I decided on robins in honour of the robins that nest every year in our garden. and one special little robin who sat on the swing and kept me company almost four years ago while I was in labour with Florence. I'll never forget that little guy. (or girl?)


Yummy lunches


Gorgeous just woken up toddlers.


And something pretty waiting to be made up.

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  1. The mug is gorgeous.

    What is the purply stuff in you lunch picture?

  2. The purply stuff is a vegan coleslaw with ginger, under that is sour dough toast and spicey pinto ean dip, topped off with sprouted salad. :)

  3. I was just going to ask about your lunch! Are you all vegan?

    I love the robin mug and Emma Bridgewater is one of my favourites, but like you I always gasp at the prices!!

    I hope the dress is a treat for you!

    San xx

  4. No, we are not all vegan. We are vegetarian, but India is vegan, so we sometimes eat vegan anyway.

  5. Something about fuzzy morning toddler hair that melts me :)


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