Another circle skirt, another Vintage Pledge

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I've been feeling rather low lately, combination of a virus that is lingering, the dark cold light (or lack of ) that is typical of this time of year, and well just feeling weary. I love my large family, but sometimes large family life is tough, especially if like me you were daft enough to space the children out so that you have toddlers and teens at the same time!
Still, no use complaining. One of the pluses of having older teens at home along with toddlers is that sometimes they can be persuaded to entertain their littlest sibling while Mummy gets some therapeutic stitching down in her shed.
This weeks attempt to lift my spirits is another circle skirt, made from the same Maudella pattern as the skirt I made last week, and another cheeky make to add to the #vintage pledge.


The fabric used is a very loosely woven wool. I've had this in my fabric stash for some time, some readers might remember the wrap I made with it, and my babywearing coat.
I had, and still have rather a lot of this fabric left, but it's all in odd shaped pieces, so called for a little creative cutting out for this skirt. I am hoping I can squeeze a dress out of the remaining pieces, just haven't decided on a pattern yet.
The weave on this fabric is interesting with no obvious wrong or right side, and I like both sides equally. If I do make a dress with the remaining fabric, I'll be using the opposite side than I've used for this skirt.


The loose weave was rather tricky to sew with, and getting the hem level has taken several days of letting the skirt hang, and careful hemming by hand. I'm still not convinced it is entirely even. I have to admit too, to still having the lining hem to complete, it's just tacked up for now, if you look closely you can see tacking stitches hanging down in the photos!


Which brings me once again to the troublesome photos. I took these this morning using my self timer. The light today is grey grey grey, my garden is a muddy swamp, so I thought maybe I could get a few shots in my kitchen that might work.
I've deliberately left in the muddy boots by the back door because, well that's how it is here right now, grey, muddy, wet.....spring will be here soon I hope!


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  1. I love the shoes you have on!

    1. Aren't they fab? I bought them in the sales in December, Irregular Choice of course. They don't really go with the skirt, but I really wanted to wear them anyway. Think I need to come shopping in Abakhan for some navy fabric so I can wear them once the weather improves.

  2. Love it and your shoes almost matchy matchy! I love your comment about child spacing, some of us waited until the older kids were ready to fly the nest and then started all over again!!! By the time Pip is old enough to vote I'll be one year short of sixty!! Tired with you at this end too, hope you have a good half term break.

    San xx

    1. I know San, I did think of you as I was typing, your age range is even wider than mine. It is exhausting, but I wouldn't change a thing.

  3. Lady, you are on fire with your #vintagepledge!!! Thanks again so much for joining in and I hope you feel less blue soon...this horrid weather is getting me down at the moment too :o( I've added you to the Pinterest board again -

    1. Thank you Marie. Just the inspiration I needed to sew myself out of the winter doldrums. Looking forward to tackling something a bit more exciting than circle skirts next. x

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous skirt. So with you on the toddler and teen combination; a crazy mix of nappies and exams - and a million other things. Lots of amazing times but pretty hard too. Keep making beautiful clothes for sanity x


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