Late to the Banksia party!

10:55 am

banksia, originally uploaded by Lazy Seamstress.

I've had this pattern for such a long time, but only got around to stitching it up this weekend.
I used a fabric I've had for an equally long time. A cotton blend of not great quality, but such a pretty pattern, I thought it would make a nice practice top to check for fit.


I cut out a size Large. I've gained a lot of weight recently and a fair amount has gone straight onto my chest and tummy. Checking the size chart I should have cut out an XL for my bust, grading down to a medium for my waist and hips.
If I were less lazy I should have cut out a medium and done a full bust adjustment, but I thought with such a loose fit style I'd risk splitting the difference and cut out a Large.


The gamble paid off, I'm pretty happy with the fit. The darts are in a good position and I like the loose style. I think possibly the neck could be smaller, but again I quite like the loose fit.

I cheated on the placket, and simply stitched my buttons right through without making button holes. The blouse fits easily over my head, and well to be honest it was getting dark out in my shed, and dinner was almost ready, I simply wanted to wear my blouse today.


I will definately make this blouse again, and I'm thinking of using some vintage fabric to make a dress version.

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  1. lovely, this looks so gorgeous on you! amazing detail


    1. Thank you Barnicles, I don't think these photos are terribly flattering, but the best I could get with the self timer!

  2. Love the material and the blouse style looks like you are creating a whole new wardrobe for yourself! Just beautiful x

    1. Sadly San, I need a new wardrobe, I can't fit in to most of the clothes I made last year! I am watching my diet and walking six miles a day, but the weight isn't moving. :(

  3. I think you look beautiful Jeanette (but I also know that weight is how you feel about yourself and not always about how others see you). The blouse is really nice, even if the fabric is not great it doesn't look like it in the photo's, the floral pattern has a nice combination of colours.

  4. Yay to sewing a lovely new wardrobe! You look beautiful x


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