Vintage Pledge Number One

1:37 pm

circle skirt, originally uploaded by Lazy Seamstress.
Marie over at A Stitching Odyssey had a great idea to encourage those of us with vintage pattern collections to sew from them more. I do love to sew from vintage patterns, and with a desk drawer full of them, didn't need much encouragement to join the #vintagepledge


vintage pledge

I've sorted through my current patterns and narrowed it down, I definately want to make the Blackmore shirt dress and the Simplicity coat, (in time for next winter), but began the pledge yesterday with a simple pattern for a circle skirt, which honestly feels a bit like cheating.
I used the same Maudella pattern I used for the skirt on my wool dress.
The fabric is a quilting cotton from stash, zip and button for waistband also from stash.


A satisfactory make following a stressful and busy week.
I don't know about others, but sometimes I need a quick simple project to ease my mood.

This morning, Woody, Ernest and I headed off to Bramall Hall to take some outdoors shots. I'm envious of other bloggers with their fabulous outdoor photoshoots, but sadly I can never match up.
Today a combination of poor light, rain, a toddler photobombing every shot, a teenager phoning from home every two minutes, my shyness around dog walkers and Woody's inability to understand the kind of shots I'm after, ( Not his fault, we think differently, he just doesn't see things the way I do.) means that despite taking several hundred photos I struggled to find any I'm happy to use.
I shouldn't complain, at least the toddler photobombing makes me laugh!




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  1. Lovely skirt, and lovely fabric, oh and also, still love your green shoes lol. V xxx

    1. I think these are my favourite shoes too.

  2. I love the toddler photobombing!

  3. toddler photobombing is brilliant. he focuses attention towards that pic, the angle of his legs is genius and his anorak matches orange skirt & green shoes. You'd pay a lot for a prop as good as he is!

  4. Gorgeous skirt! I love the colours of the fabric. I love how you've styled it with black cardigan and tights and those fabby green shoes!


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