Weekend Doris goes to Prom

5:52 pm

Eden Prom 2

Eden knew exactly what kind of dress she wanted for prom, a short retro styled shift dress with bishop sleeves, so that is what she got!
I lengthened, then slashed and spread the sleeve pattern of the Weekend Doris to get a full sleeve, which was gathered at the wrist with elastic. The neck edge and hem were finished with tiny rolled hems.French seams were used throughout.
The gorgeous teal coloured silk chiffon Eden chose is beautiful, not easy to sew with, but having a simple pattern helped there.
I made an equally simple silk slip to wear under the dress for modesty.
Simple, but I hope you agree beautiful.

Eden Prom 3

Of course, she very nearly ended up at Prom wearing only the slip after she got deodorant on the dress which wouldn't wipe away. Cue Mummy washing the entire dress by hand, and then blow drying it with the hairdryer just in the nick of time!

I have forgiven her though. Amazed that my scrappy little limpet baby who wouldn't let me put her down for two whole years has turned into a beautiful young woman.

Eden Prom 8

(Oh and look I got a hair cut!)

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  1. Stunning the both of you. Like mother like daughter. Well done K xXx

    1. Thank you, very sweet comment x

  2. She looks great, fabulous fabric. She's so much taller than you! Wow kids get big!

  3. Ha ha, she is taller than me, but she is also wearing very high heels!

  4. That dress is just gorgeous, and it suits Eden so much, just classy! My one attempt at chiffon so far was enough to put me off for ever. Love your hair tres chic. Are you feeling better now? X

    1. Hi Mags, yes feeling sooo much better thank you. Chiffon certainly is very difficult to work with.

  5. Stunning I love this and it suits Eden so much!


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