Linen Nell

1:32 pm

My recent trip to Anglesey meant a trip of course to Abakhan in Mostyn, North Wales, much to my children's dismay...although Eden likes to shop with me and the others can be placated with treats from the cafe.
I bought a few lovely pieces there including this chocolate brown linen blend, which I knew had to be a Nell dress.
I'm still slowly working on the grading and sampling of all the sizes of my Nora, Nell and Nancy designs. I wish I were quicker, but I do all of my drafting and grading by hand with pencil, ruler, tape and scissors. Technical I am not, although one of these days I'm going to invest in a course to teach me how to draft and grade on the computer.

This linen Nell went together very nicely, and although style wise it's a bit of a departure for me, I love how comfy and easy to wear it is. I'm on the lookout for a long line cardy to layer over it in the winter, and it looks fabulous with my new vegan Doctor Martens, as well as with my usual flat geek shoes.

The only flash of colour I couldn't resist adding is a piece of ornate ribbon at the back neck.

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  1. Oh, I just love Nell! She is so different in this linen (than the floral) and looks very drapey. Beautiful! The colour looks great on you too! I am so looking forward to this pattern and the other ones too. When do you think you might release these patterns? ( If you need any testers, please let me know!)

  2. This is lovely, great colour on you.


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