Nora, Nell and Nancy

11:56 am

Starting this post with a silly but happy photo of me. After my last post full of doom and gloom I decided this place needs a bit of silliness and some smiles. Summer is tough around here, and it's hard not to let that affect everything. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and messages of support after my last post, I appreciate every one, you are all wonderful!
This photo was taken last week in my mother in law's garden in Anglesey North Wales. We stayed there for five days, and it really was a lovely break from routine. Eden and I had a lot of fun taking photos in the garden of one of my new designs.
Yes, despite my low mood I've still been working over the summer, planning classes (see my learn to sew page for more details on those.) and designing three new dresses.
Nora, Nell and Nancy are not only the names of two of my friend's children that I have always loved, but the names of the three new dress patterns I plan to launch this month.....yeah I know I should probably keep quiet for now, have a big launch when they are ready, but come on, you should know me well enough by now to realise that's not really my style.

Let me introduce you;

Nora is an easy fitting tunic style dress with tucks at the centre front neckline , cap sleeves and optional in seam pockets.

Nell has a shaped front yoke with tucks at the side waist, long sleeves with tuck details at the cuff and shoulder, plus the option of inseam or patch pockets.

Nancy is gathered at the front neck, with short slightly gathered sleeves, and she makes either a great little blouse or easy to wear dress with the addition of waist ties.

All three designs work best with light to medium weight fabrics, for these samples I've used linen, viscose and a very washed and super soft cotton curtain. ( Nell )
I'll be working on grading these pattetns over the next couple of weeks, and all being well they will be ready by the end of the month...the children go back to school tomorrow.....

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  1. My goodness you've been busy! Looking forward to your new releases.

    I've finally printed out my Weekend Doris dress and hope to get started on it soon. Gotta find the right fabric first!

  2. Glad you are feeling happy and silly! Looks like you are going to be busy. Wow. Great work.

  3. Anonymous11:11 pm

    I am so happy to see you happy! Still sending hugs and pixie dust your way :0

    We're spoilt for choice with your three new ladies! Which to sew first?

  4. Lovely patterns. My favourite is nancy, looks like a great silk staple. X

  5. They are all gorgeous and just my style! The green blouse is scrumptious! Looking forward to their release... Jen

  6. Lovely pictures. I still can't get over how striking your new hair is, the combination with the tattoo in the pictures of the short sleeve dresses is a knock-out. The girls' names are shooting up the popularity ranks - you did so well to choose fantastic, yet non inadvertently zeitgeisty names for yours!

  7. Jeanette I always follow your blog and thought it's about time I commented. The patterns look amazing. You were one of my inspirations to learn to sew. Mel x


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