Ministry of Craft : my weekend

5:55 pm

Wow, this weekend was a busy one! Saturday I was teaching the new "Clone Your Closet" class at Ministry of Craft ,
A busy fun day was had by all, and everyone went home with a clone of one special garment, we had trousers, dresses, vintage coats..

Cloning a much loved item in your wardrobe is so satisfying. The lovely lady in the photos above copied beautifully a fit and flare dress...and btw how fabulous is her Weekend Doris dress?

Not content with one busy weekend class on Sunday I taught another, this time Bodice fitting. I think everyone attending learned something new about fitting, whether it was as simple as shortening or lengthening the bodice or a full bust or small bust adjustment.

Fancy a go at either of these classes or any of the other classes available at Ministry of Craft, then click here . There are classes running all year round suitable for every level and to suit your personal crafty tastes.
I'll certainly look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. I wish I could come ! But too far for me ... Pat. from Paris

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