More modelled pics

10:08 am

apron1, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

My apron.



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  1. lovely - need to decide on what to use for mine now!!

  2. now, see, i love that fabric (both but the top pic is my fave) and as i always forget to wear my apron i'd have to have you re-consider and make it into a dress instead.... if there wasn't enough maybe the back and front could be different fabrics....

    i also love the style of the apron, which i'd also like as a dress!! maybe i am slightly odd - although much as i'd love it i only ever end up wearing jeans anyway so it'd be wasted on me!

  3. p.s. are you modelling the shoes at the same time? can't see them in the pic, they too are rather lovely.
    as soon as yogi is big enough to leave me alone for more than about 20 minutes at a time i'll get sewing again too


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