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I have to be careful now what I say about this first project. Lets just say I needed to make a vintage 1960's dress for a special occasion,and that occasion hasn't happened yet,so there will be more details and modelled pics in a few days time.
So all you get for now is the pattern (above) and the resulting dress (below)

the dress

I can say safely that's it's always interesting to use vintage patterns.This particular one came in a bundle from a friend. On first glance it's not so dissimilar to many tunic style dresses available to buy now in 2008,but the construction is so different.
These days a dress like this may be made of a stretch fabric,and would almost certainly be less fitted around the bust. There are six darts in the bodice of this pattern.Two at the front and four at the back.
I was very nervous making myself such a fitted dress,and I had to make a fair few adjustments to the pattern to fit my 21st century body.
I am on the whole pretty pleased with the results,though am slightly concerned that instead of looking like a cool 60's chick,I may just look like Mama Cass, who was cool in her own way,but not really what I was aiming for!

Moving on to project number two, which although it's not a vintage pattern,definitely has that vibe to it. The Emmeline Apron,Montessori by Hand.
This pattern caught my eye a while ago,it's so feminine and pretty,and I sometimes like to at least try to be pretty while cleaning up after my scally wags!

emmilene apron

The apron is reversible,so if one side gets dirty,there's still the other side to wear.

emmilene apron2

It goes perfectly with these shoes ,and surely everybody knows that wearing great shoes while cleaning the kitchen floor makes the whole task so much more appealing!

new shoes

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  1. I *love* those shoes!!

    I love the apron and the dress, too, LOL, but the shoes are L.U.S.H!

    Actually, I'm very tempted to click the link and see if I can make myself an apron - only slightly put off by how rarely I clean up :-p

  2. Lovely projects and love the shoes!! I finally had a go at making a bag today. 1st attempt was poor, second was passable but not finished :) Very amateur but will post pics on my blog when it is done :)

  3. the dress, apron and the shoes are fab!

  4. What a wonderful way to make cleaning more attractive!!



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