My new labels

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My new labels, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

So,I got my new labels. I thought they were lost over the Atlantic somewhere,but three weeks after they were posted they finally showed up.
I bought them from Jennifers Jewels on Etsy ,I really didn't know what I wanted for my new labels,I just knew I couldn't go on embroidering each one individually as it took waaaay too long.
Eventually I decided to stay with the shell theme and emailed Jennifer some watercolours I had done previously.She did the rest,and for a bargain price too.

I also finished my appliqued limited edition podeagi,but honestly they just haven't turned out as well as I thought they would. I'm not sure if it's just me losing interest in the project,but although I like them,I feel the finish isn't up to my usual standard so I've added them to my store for a bargain price.

flora pod2

flora pod

Sometimes a project just doesn't quite go to plan,but I hope my next limited editions will be more successful.

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  1. The labels look great!

    The ltd editions look good but I know what you mean, but they do have a nieve cheerful look. I think they would look fab with a navy outfit, so they really stand out.

    ..I think perhaps a more monochromatic colour scheme to balance out the big shapes i.e. earth tones like teals, greens and browns and maybe some of your fab fabric offcuts thrown in too, in matching colours.
    Also you could contrast texture e.g. with matt cord and metallics?

    ooo and you could continue from nature themes with the flowers and do things like your logo...a big shell..yum.

    Maybe the bold colours, along with the bold shapes has made them too bold or simple?

    Mind you, I'm coming from fresh floral design and painting so kinda differant!

    But I'm loving the applique...well cool and original!

    Sometimes you've got to go through the process to learn what you don't want?!


  2. Just trying to re-inspire! I'm clueless on sewing!


  3. Thanks for the input hun, I really do appreciate it.It's very hard to work alone y'know?
    Funny you should mention offcuts though...;0)

  4. I love the labels Jeanette!

    I think the ltd editions look great and if Joe would let me wear him I would buy it!


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