A pressie for someone special

7:41 pm

A pressie for someone special, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

i'm taking a gamble that she will be far too busy with baby no 5 to see this on here.
Red silk ring sling with cotton accent. There is a little piece of stitching on this I'm really not happy with,and hoping it wont be noticed by the recipient. I hate it when gifts are not perfect,but it's only a small cosmetic flaw.(that will probably bug me forever..LOL) I didn't want to risk unpicking too much on delicate silk.

That's one thing to cross off my very long and getting longer sewing list,it's that time of year again!

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  1. That is a gorgeous colour! I love the accent panel as well.

    She probably won't notice the flaw but I know how you feel.

  2. Yeah, it's gonna annoy me. Woody said it's not really noticeable,and when I gift it to my friend I am NOT to point it out,but I wont be able to resist!
    I'm hoping to make up for the flaw with some other bits I have planned.
    And yes, the person it is intended for looks gorgeous in red.


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