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Our raffle prizes, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Yesterday's Family Day, run by Slinging In The Rain to celebrate International Babywearing Week was a great success.
Rachel,Souad, Mary and myself were soooo nervous! having never organised anything like this before,and with no budget and no time we managed to pull it together over the past two weeks. (after a gentle kick from Rachel's dh).
We had loads of help from our respective hubby's, setting up, serving tea and cakes, taking photos, we couldn't have done it without them.
I even roped in my older children,and India did a fantastic job of selling and organizing the raffle tickets and prize draw.
Ian, the minister of Levenshulme Baptist Church, where we hold our meeting was also a great help, sorting out the projector and microphones and agreeing to draw the raffle prizes.
Then of course there were all the people who baked yummy cakes and came along to help out in any way they could. the other fabby stall holders,and Baby Boogie dancing...the list goes on...Thank you!!
I hope everyone that came along enjoyed themselves..I know I did,even if I am still exhausted today.

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