Worst housewife ever!

5:36 pm

Worst housewife ever!, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Yep, that's me! Just look at the cobwebs on this chilli plant,that is in the window next to my front door.
I'm ashamed to say that actually,despite me spotting this at about 9am this morning,it still looks the same too.

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  1. Your not worst housewife! It's a nature experiment for the kids! lol xxx

  2. Hi Jeanette
    Thanks for your comments on my blog, its good to know people care. As for your post on worst housewife ever, I would have to contest!! I'm sure everyone in my family would agree I'm a hot contender. I like cobwebs anyway, it shows that your house is so nice that even the spiders want to come and live there too x

  3. LOL, thanks for the comments. I like spiders and cobwebs too...and yes it's still there today!
    My dh says it's been there for some time,and was surprised I hadn't noticed, so I think we can safely blame him for not cleaning it when he first spotted it.


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