50's Florals

9:17 am

retro floral, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I meant to blog this pic the other day, but forgot!
I've cheated and bought ready to wear outfits for the children to wear to Heather's wedding...I think I should be let off since I am 36 weeks pregnant now!
The girls love their 50's style rose print cotton dresses, this pic was taken during a trying on session.
The boys have linen shorts and white ( what was I thinking? ) linen/cotton shirts.
I'll be hiding behind a sweet baby in a beautiful silk sling, who will probably be wearing this outfit.
I have yet to pursuade Woody into a store, and out of his think geek shirts. LOL

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  1. lovely dresses :-) there were ?twin girls at the confirmation service I went to last weekend wearing the yellow one ( well one each! YKWIM) one had a yellow cardi and one white, they looked lovely. Where are they from?

  2. They are very boringly from Next.

  3. I love the dresses, very pretty.


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