My Best Friends Wedding Dress

12:33 pm

Finished!!, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

It's finished! I'll be relieved when it's out of my house and away from my four often sticky offspring,but I'm very happy with it, and just hope Heather is too...I think she is.


I didn't make this fab petticoat, but it totally makes the dress, and I want one to spin around the house in!!

Oh and I ran up a quickie buttercup bag to keep her lippy in, the corage is by A Alicia.

Somewhere to keep her lippy!

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  1. It looks stunning! I'm sure she will be very happy with it. It does look great with the petticoat.

    I love the buttercup bag and love that corsage!

  2. It's just beautiful!! Would you make me one? I'm not getting married, or anything but just, you know, in case....?

  3. Absolutely stunning!

  4. Love the dress - it's beautiful and I'm sure Heather will look stunning on the day. Georgina says you should make more and sell them for an absolute fortune - Georgina would buy one I'm sure, but probably with my money. The thing that makes this more special is that it was made with love.

  5. Really, really lovely!!!

  6. it's really lovely Jeanette. You're very talented. xxxx

  7. Hi, I saw this when you first finished it on Craftster and have wished for one ever since! My chap and I recently decided to get married and I would love to make something similar (but not exactly the same) and was wondering what fabrics you used and if you had any advice?
    Many thanks!

  8. I think that wedding dress (I followed the link, even though I've seen the dress several times before) is still one of my favourite creations of yours. It is such a beautiful dress, so beautifully made, and a lovely style for a wedding dress (I don't care much for the current trend in wedding dresses!). I pretty much like anything that you sew, but this one is right at the top for me!

  9. Anonymous10:55 am

    Lovely dress it looks awesome to see you in this wedding gowns.


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