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I love coming home, even when the holiday was lovely, it's still good to get home to the grey rainy skies of Stockport.
We have just spent a glorious week at Hollins Hill Farm in Hereford, part of the Feather Down Farm Days holidays.
The setting was beautiful, the farmer, his wife and family including their newest arrival (only 5 weeks old ) were just lovely, and we are already planning a trip back there next year.

Bonnet knitted from a deck chair while watching the children play in the fields...bliss!

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  1. The bonnet is gorgeous!! Good to have your blog back!

  2. And you say you're not very good at knitting?! It's lovely, very cute.
    I did wonder why the blog had gone so quiet - wondered if you'd gone into labour ;-)

  3. I saw your pics on flickr, it looks like a great place for a holiday.

    I love the bonnet!

  4. Lovely:) Sounds like the perfect holiday - I like those 'tents'


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