A last try on

6:54 pm

A last try on, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

The bride came over today and before taking her dress home had one last try on,allowing me to take a couple of pics.
You have to imagine all the trimmings...seamed stockings,vintage jewellery,etc.

With clutch and shoes

Oh and I'm not at all up to date with all this twittering stuff,but I got an email earlier from a good friend to tell me Craftster had twittered about the dress, how cool is that? I think it is anyway!

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  1. ohhh wow !!1
    The try on is amazing....a job to be totally proud of Jeanette!

  2. It looks so pretty on! I can't wait to see the wedding pics so see all the accessories!

    And it is cool that Craftster twittered you!

  3. Absolutely fantastic, I can't wait to see the photos of the wedding!

  4. Amazing, a really lovely dress! The peticoat and bag just sets it off beautifully.

  5. Oh Jeanette, Heather is SOOOOOO lucky!! This is really very beautiful ;)
    I love her shoes too. Wow.

    We are busy preparing for Joel's sister's wedding this Friday. I love weddings and I'm really looking forward to getting dressed up for once. I am making the "one of everything" bag in brown velvet. I've already done my buttercup clutch (also brown velvet lined in pink taffeta), I'm pleased even though it's flawed! ;)
    I'm just wondering if I should make a Roussos-esque apron for the meal, the times when I don't get covered in food are non-existent...

    Been thinking of you and your lovely bump XXX

  6. i'm now exceedingly jealous. I loved that dress on the form and now i absolutely adore it - am getting married myself in september and still haven't figured out the dress.... ah well and now i'm spoilt

    well done, it is a fantastic dress

  7. Totally beautiful Jeanette!

  8. Hello! My name is Fialotta and I just wanted to tell you that the wedding dress is wonderful. I'm getting married in June and plan to wear a dress from the same pattern (Vintage Vogue 2960). Your use of lace is gorgeous and has inspired me and my friend to make the dress in the same manner. Some other alterations are that I've decided not to have any buttons and the skirt will be knee length (and probably with tulle skirt). Did you "saw down" the folds? It looks really nice that way.

    Best regards from Stockholm, Sweden!


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