A quiet day at home

1:41 pm

Snoozing, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

A morning nap, followed by some entertainment courtesy of the washing machine...
Watching the washing machine!

...and Mummy...
Spotting Mummy..

...and the camera...
...and the camera!

A bit of tummy time.
Tummy time.

And then another nap while Mummy pumps and has a little cry.

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  1. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Oh why...such a sweet little boy! Washing mashine is a favorite here as well ;-)

  2. ((hugs))

    Beautiful photos!

  3. Oh, he is so beautiful.

    Love to you.

  4. Such a beautiful, beautiful smile. xx

  5. He is so beautiful and you are really taking some precious shots of him. With much love.

  6. Looks like a lovely day, sometimes tears are a great relief. Life is so bittersweet huh? X

  7. He's just adorable.
    Lovely post.

  8. He's so beautiful!! (((Hugs)))

  9. *hugs* Tobias is obsessed with the washing machine in a way Brynn never was. He does this "boy possesed" screach thing he does by breathing in and laughing at the same time that he reserves for things that truely delight him. He stands infront of it and sticks his head up against the window and gets all excited. It's wonderful.

  10. aw honey (((hugs)))

  11. Jeanette - I was gonna email you but I don't have that email wizard setup so can't. I am searching for fabric in the uk - not easy. Have you used seamstar, gaga or fancymoon? cheers C xx

  12. He's really getting to that squish-able age, where you can see more of his little personality shining through, isn't he. I'm so sorry you didn't get that with beautiful Florence. Such a huge bittersweetness. Sending love xxh

  13. Clare, nope not used any of those? Are they good?
    I don't use many UK based stores, but saints and pinners are good.
    email me jeanette.archer@gmail.com and I'll send you a list of places I do use.x

  14. what a happy little chappie he looks, a heart melting smiley photo! Hope you had a lovely weekend and (in response to Clare) I use fabric rehab for material, I've always found them to be really helpful

  15. Im having my cry right now. Thought I would visit, I know you dont mind the company.

  16. Mindy, I'm glad you stopped by. x


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