Fabric Delivery

5:06 pm

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The teal colourway of my buddies fabric arrived today, and I'm really happy with the way it's turned out. I had it printed on the organic interlock which is so soft. I'm wondering if it's too girly to make pj's for Ernest with. Maybe if I combine it with a stripe/solid...hmm something to ponder on.

I also received a sample of my cut and sew Flossie's Pinafore, and it looks pretty good. Hoping I'll have time to sew that up tomorrow.

We've had a little sort out here and taken down the bedside crib. Ernest has never slept in it for more than the very occasional nap, and it was really just a home for the pump, my knitting and various notebooks, pens and cups of tea.
I had to dig out the old and much used bed guard which though perfectly functional was looking rather sad.

bed guard before

So I made a little slip cover for it, it's quite pretty now.

bed guard after

PS, you can buy the teal Buddies fabric from spoonflower, just click here.

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  1. That's a great idea, I'd never thought of covering a bedguard but you're right, they don't look particularly attractive au naturel.

  2. The fabric looks lovely. What a great idea to slipcover the bed guard; I also have a very tired-looking bed guard beside my pillow. And I just adore the diaper covers that you posted about a few days ago. It must be hard to put clothes on Ernest's cute bottom!

    Love Carlyn

  3. You are a marvel to me, I think of doing things like this, but the laundry, washing up and general disorder which is my life get in the way. Your new fabric is lovely too btw. xxx

  4. You always find the best fabrics!

  5. oh what a gorgeous print, and the cut and sew one is very clever. I think it would excellent boy pyjamas, I guess you could the top in a co-ordinating solid? Or fabulous dungarees! It reminds me a bit of funky shirts

  6. ooh excited about the cut & sew pinafore!I'm still waiting for my fabric order - for some reason things from the US seem to take forever to get to me (not that I have time to sew anything at the moment anyway)

  7. I love your posts--they are just gorgeous and interesting.

  8. what a clever idea, just thinking what else I can make covers for around the house?

  9. That was brilliant! It looks beautiful!


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