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5:15 pm

Mood Board 1, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Sharing my mood boards with you. x

Mood Board 2

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  1. Shirley Hughes - I am sure we are related lol. I love love love her. I just bought 2 new Alfie books for Oscar for his birthday, he is loving An Evening At Alfie's. Your mood board is lovely, very fun in the sunshine :0)

  2. Are those pictures from "Bonting"?! That story is legendary in our house! I love it when Mum makes bonting a 2 piece bathing suit from her basket of scraps... exactly the kind of thing I get asked to do, dressing up stones!! At the moment I am getting asked for dolls with "REAL. Human. Feet." .....

    Been thinking of you since I read your last few posts. Not really known what to say, except hang in there. I wonder if I could come and see you before we move?

    S xxx

  3. Those pics remind me of "my naughty little sister" :) love the mood boards!

  4. oh yes come on summer!

  5. Have you seen Pinterest Jeanette? If not, shall I send you an invite?

  6. Beautiful! Beachy and gorgeous. I love the Alfie books too.

  7. V, I think perhaps we are just women of a certain age!
    Sarah, I'd love to see you before you move.
    Merry, yes please!

    Love Jeanette

  8. Sent to your gmail address :)

  9. I love the seaside. I also have the card with the beach huts on my wall in my little crafty/sew room, :) X

  10. (((Alfie)) Love xxx


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