It's All Distraction

5:34 pm

six little eggs, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Waiting with my heart pounding in my chest for news from someone I love.
Distraction is needed, a little sewing....

And preperation for chickens...

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments on yesterdays post, they mean more to me than you probably know. x

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  1. That is just about the coolest henhouse I have ever seen! Did you and Woody build it?

  2. Lummy that'll keep the foxes away LOL It's utterly fabulous.

    Hope the news is good.

  3. I am very jealous that you're getting chickens!


  4. Can we come stay in the hen house for our holidays lol. Very cool indeed.

  5. Love the hen house!

    I didn't get a chance to comment on yesterday's post. I don't think you're stuck. We can't wrap our babies in soft blankets but we can wrap them in our words and tie them to us with our sentences. I understand what you mean about the distance - I feel it too.

  6. oooo, chickens. awesome. we aren't allowed to have them here. boooo. those eggs are gorgeous. did you make them?

  7. Oooh lots of questions!
    Woody and I did not build the chicken house, it was a gift from someone lovely, came in kit form, and she built it for lucky am I?
    Nope, sadly didn't make the eggs or the lovely nest. I bought the eggs to go in the nest made by another special person.
    And finally, the news was very very good. The safe arrival of a little baby boy, but more on that later. x

  8. If I was a chicken, I would want to live right there!!

  9. That is the best hen house I have ever seen! I love it!

    Congratulations to your friend for her baby boy! ;-)

  10. OMG I do not want chickens but I do want that groovy house!

  11. We are just about to get chickens too.....what a cool house! x

  12. Hope's Mama, I'm not a chicken and I STILL want to live there! Might need an extension to accommodate me though!

  13. Holy wow, what a hen house!

  14. Holy wow, what a hen house!


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