Morcambe, A Day Out

7:13 am

Picnic in the car., originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I decided I wanted to see Morcambe. Actually, I quite fancied afternoon tea at the recently refurbished, art deco Midland Hotel, but the reality of afternoon tea in a nice hotel with five children in tow put paid to that idea, and we took along our usual birthday picnic.
Daddy's excellent leek and potato quiche, with a mug of hot tea from a kiosk on the sea front, eaten of course in the car in the rain!

Birthday Quiche...a tradition!

After the picnic, we donned wellies and raincoats for a play in Happy Mount Park.

The sun did decide to shine eventually, for the obligatory photos with Eric.

All together now.

We couldn't resist one of Eric and Ernie..

Couldn't resist..Eric and Ernie!

Ernest even got his first play on a beach. (wearing his new Mummy made reversable dungarees.)

First experience of sand.

I'm off!

And you know something? I had a pretty good day. x

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  1. Belated birthday wishes Jeanette xxx
    Looks like you had a great day, and the photo of Eric and 'Ernie' is the cutest lol.

  2. That does look like a pretty good day! Glad the rain didn't stay around for you yesterday (I'm just across the water from Morecambe). Love your pic of Eric and Ernie :D

  3. Heartwarming post (and pics). Happy birthday, Jeanette.

  4. happy birthday for yesterday sounds like a fantastic family day xx

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Sounds like a fun day out.

  6. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Eric and Ernie! Priceless!x

  7. Happy Birthday for yesterday!

    Glad it didn't rain all day for you, it sounds like you had fun!

    (I still think I need a skirt in that giraffe fabric!)

  8. Happy Birthday for yesterday Jeanette, glad you had a good day.

  9. Happy Birthday Jeanette, it sounds and looks like you had a lovely day. xx

  10. Love it! Happy Birthday honey, I just had one of those myself. and time marches on! However much we dont want it to.

  11. Belated birthday wishes to you lovely Jeanette xxx

  12. Belated birthday wishes. I can never get enough of your pictures.. your children are absolutely precious and there is always that ache in my heart for sweet Flossie as well....

  13. Blimey we are only down the road and to think I missed an opportunity to give you a proper hug!!

    We love Eric and Ernie!!

    glad you had a good day

    San xx

  14. happy birthday jeanette. so glad you had a good day. that quiche looks deeeeelicious. xo

  15. Am SO pleased you had a pretty good day! Happy birthday Jeanette! xx

  16. Yay - happy birthday Jeanette!
    Really love the dungarees. In awe of your sewing skills, as usual. xx

  17. Ooer that looks scrummy, is Daddy willing to share his recipe?

    Belated Birthday wishes to you m'dear XXXXXX

    Much love Tracy M

  18. Happy Birthday :~)))

    love the Eric pics & the dungars

  19. Beautiful family xxx

  20. I went to uni in Lancaster so I have very fond memories of Morecambe!!!

    Happy, happy birthday.

    I LOVED the picture of Eric and little Ern :)

  21. Happy birthday, Jeanette, and "nom nom nom" to Ernie, whose cheeks are so like those of my rascals, (inc dribble) xx


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