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Romper, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I have tried, but it's impossible to get a really good shot of this new romper suit on a very busy baby, who will not sit still for more than a second at a time
Still, at least in this shot you can see the gorgeous squidgeyness of Ernest's thighs, which is why I designed the romper in the first place.
This is the first draft of a new pattern I designed with the aid of my new pattern drafting software.
Usually I draft patterns from a basic block with help from the rather fab Aldrich books, and information gleaned haphazardly over the years, but I thought drafting software might save me some time, a precious commodoty around here, so I asked for the software for my birthday.
I did have some reservations, the purist in me thought drafting software was kinda cheating, but actually it's pretty good, and I'm certain once I get the hang of all I can do with it, will be just as creative as all the tracing and graph paper efforts are.
I haven't figured out the pattern piece alterations part yet, so I designed a general shape, and did my usual designing by cutting up the pattern pieces from the basic garment shape, so this romper is half CAD designed, and half scissors, tape measure and pencil I making any sense?
Probably not, lets just say I'm not a techy!

As a first draft I'm pretty pleased with this design. There are some alterations I'm going to make. More length in the body and more poof in the bodice. I might even hand smock the next one.

Bubble Suit First Draft

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  1. Very nice! I never managed to co-ordinate my romper making with the English weather! A wore some I made him for 1 day last summer and that was it, this year he's grown out of them!

    I love that fabric, who's it by? I want some to make something for myself!

  2. That's really gorgeous Jeanette... just the right legs for a romper too!

  3. Super cute baba and gorgeous romper too, I love the material.

    San x

  4. Love it Jeanette - love the fabric, the romper and the juicy thighs LOL ...

  5. Very sweet!!
    Is there not a scrap of hair on Ernests head yet?
    Also.. I opened Tobias baby box to put one of his Easter cards from nursery in there yesterday and saw the outfit you made him. You are an amazing seamstress. Certainly not lazy :P

  6. Gorgeous romper, you are very clever!

  7. Anna, sorry I can't remember what that fabric is called, and I've not got a scrap of selvedge left so I could tell you...I'll double check later just to be sure.
    I think I bought it at my local fabric shop though, so it must be fairly easy to get hold of.

    Tinder, his hair is growing, but very slowly. My babies are always bald for quite a while, India was gone two before she had any hair!
    Apparently, so was I.

  8. You had me at Romper.

    This is so so cute. I can't even figure out buttons most days, so I am more than in awe of your sewing abilities. Amazing.

  9. Jeanette I love this! And Ernest's thighs - just edible...
    Nim x

  10. It is absolutely adorable.. Ernest and the romper!

  11. those thighs!! AWWWW!!


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