Leek And Cheese Quiche

12:23 pm

We've been internet-less for more than two days! School holidays, and children far too reliant on the www, (not to mention Woody and me) with no connection has been less than easy I can tell you!

Anyway, after my last post, I had a few requests for Woody's leek and cheese quiche recipe. He's a very instinctive cook, and it took a little nagging to get him to write it down, and lets just say it's not exactly a wordy recipe, but here it is for those who asked.

Leek and potato quiche

shortcrust pastry blind baked in a 26cm quiche dish
6 eggs
approx 100-150ml cream
1 leek chopped and sweated in butter
approx 6 new potatoes boiled and diced
approx 150-200 grams grated Gruyère cheese
salt and pepper

lightly whisk eggs and cream then add all other ingredients and pour into pastry case.
Bake at 180 C for approx 45 mins

Birthday Quiche...a tradition!

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  1. Lovely! Can't wait to try this recipe, thanks for sharing!

  2. whoop whoop, bless ya both :o) Will try this recipe out ASAP this week Mwah XXX

  3. Thanks! Was gonna ask. :-)


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