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I'm a bit lost for words lately. Life around here goes on in it's everyday busy way, and for that I'm grateful.

We have a month of birthdays ahead of us, and of course that is on my mind. Sid will turn 6, Ernest will turn 1, and there will be another year marked without Florence.

We are looking forward to the summer holidays. We have nothing much planned,but it will be nice to not have to think about school for a while.

I'm easing myself back into working, though of course there is never enough time in the day to get as much done as I'd like.
These dungarees did finally make it into my store this afternoon, after a week of waiting to be listed.

I'm still battling the comfort eating. (I keep trying to write something about that,but can't quite get there.), and even went for a run this morning!!! Anyone who knows me well, will know what an achievement that was. (and yes it really does deserve three exclamation marks.)

Ernest and I hit the 11 month exclusive pumping mark the other day. He's eating more these days and I'm down to pumping only six times a day,around 800mls a day.
It's looking likely we'll make our second target of 1 year, though I never take anything for granted anymore. I still hope I can at least provide breastmilk for him until he's two.

So yep, life goes on....

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  1. Congratulations on your milestone with Ernest. May you make it to 2 years as well.

  2. Oh Jeanette, I think of your family almost daily.
    I worry to say the wrong thing (I am ham fisted with words) but then reflect that sometimes there is no right thing either.
    To make the milestone of feeding your little man is worthy of a celebration! Im not sure I would have treated myself to a run though :)
    Florence is remembered here by the younger children, we have named all the ladybirds that we find in the garden Florence.
    We have a tale that Florence & her friends come to play with Fonzy & Loopy. Fonzy is so excited and gentle with them,always making sure they have somewhere safe to watch from.

  3. running, pumping, sewing, 5 kids, chickens, photography, is there nothing you can't do :P I am really loving those pink dungarees..

  4. This is just it, isn't it Jeanette? Life does go on, but so does the missing.
    Thinking of Florence.

  5. thinking of you, and of Florence, every day. Lovin those dungarees XXX (())(())(())

  6. Congrats on the pumping milestone!! I hope you guys can keep it up strong :D

  7. Life certainly does go on... and so does your love for each and every one of your children.

  8. Well done on hitting such a pumpimg milestone. And lots of birthday love to all your children for the coming month. I'm sorry I don't comment often, I'm all too aware that we shared a pregnancy almost to the week, and I think of both you and Florence often in the small details of our days. Hoping for gentle happy birthday celebrations.
    Much love to you all.


  9. I've said it before, but well done mama - be proud of what you are doing for Ernest and all of your family - including Florence. As for comfort eating - I'm with you sista - I weighed myself yesterday - a stone lighter than my heaviest, but half a stone more than I was before Christmas, and about 2 stone more than I'd like to be. I think I'm losing again, but I'm refusing to go 'on a diet' or really to pay much attention to the scales, and just try to eat/drink things which I know are healthy. some days are easier than others (and some parts of the month are easier than others!)


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