Mummy Milk Rocks!

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A recent online discussion amongst exclusively pumping Mamas made me re think my reluctance to have many photographic reminders of this, our way of feeding.
I still have a tremendous amount of guilt and sadness surrounding my inability to breastfeed Ernest, but reading about the experiences of others who have come to the end of their pumping times, and how they wish they'd had more photographic proof of their efforts, has encouraged me today to take some photos.
This, dear readers is my freezer stash. There is six months worth of hard hard work here...and there's more in the fridge.

Freezer stash, six bin liners full!

I haven't had spare milk to freeze since the end of March. These days I seem to have the supply and demand thing going fairly smoothly. Pumping around 800 mls a day, and Ernest drinking all of that.
This stash is my insurance policy.

I also decided this morning that considering the work that went into making and pumping this milk, it deserved a bit more respect than just dumping in bin liners and chucking in the freezer.
I saw this great link for storing breastmilk, and thought I'd give it a go.

Unfortunately, I hadn't frozen all of my milk flat, but I have about a million gift bags, and decided to use those for storage instead of the nasty bin liners anyway.
This is much neater.


You know, it's funny, I hadn't realised just how much milk there was in my freezer. Rearranging it all made me quite proud of myself.

And just for fun, here is a pic India took of Ernest yesterday, licking the drips on the pumping flange, after I'd finished!

Licking the drops

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  1. That is a fabulous amount of milk!
    I had a lot of pain and guilt over not succeeding in breast feeding when my daughter was born and just found out my daughter has an upper lip tie, which is probably why we had such problems. The relief I felt, knowing it wasn't just me being a failure where all my friend succeeded, is indescribable! Thanks for all the info you shared on lip and tongue ties.

  2. Crikey that is a LOT (and I really do mean a LOT!!) of milk!
    Love the photo of Ernest licking the milk up.

  3. Wow! That is amazing! Having done my own stint at pumping (although nowhere near as long as you have done for Ernest) I know how much hard work that represents. And how much love.

    Beautiful photograph of Ernest too xo

  4. You area amazing! That stash is worth its weight in gold!
    I love Ernest's amber necklace! Where did you find it?

  5. what an expression (sorry about the pun) of your love for earnest. you will such an amazing story to share with him when he is grown and can understand what a good start you gave him. keep taking the photos.

  6. for what it is worth- i am horribly and completely proud of you and in awe of you. i *know* how hard pumping is, but woman you make it look easy! you have blessed your child with all that liquid love- ~even though it wasn't easy or fun~ you are amazing and wonderful and truly you awe me often __and how do you still make all those fab outfits???? i wish we could sit down to a cup of tea!

  7. Yep "Mummy Milk Rocks" and so do you Jeanette.

  8. Leslie, Ernests necklace is from a UK website, just can't remember which one. Probably this one

    Thanks all for the sweet comments, I'm not amazing, not by a long stretch, but I appreciate the kind words.

    liz, I would love to have a cup of tea with you. :0)

  9. You should be proud of yourself - that's an amazing amount of milk. x

  10. Love it, I think you've done an incredible job doing this for him (and for you), I think you have every reason to be so proud. <3

  11. Be loud and proud, I say!!!

    Just lurve the pic of Ernest, he's one lucky babe.

    Hugs San xx

  12. Wow - that is an impressive stash. And I love that it is now in gift bags - because Ernest, look what your mama gave you - lots of milk!

  13. Earnest licking the flange is so cute. That picture is definitely a keeper.

  14. Hiya Jeanette, I am back online again, thanks for the well wishes. I have commented a few times here about your breast/milk feeding, so you know I think what you have done for Ernest is amazing. I hope seeing all that effort laid out in front of you helps you feel less wobbly about it.

  15. you should not feel should be proud of your determination to do the best for your wee man despite the obstacles - I pumped/bf/AF (you know my story) for 6 months and I know first hand the sheer bloody dedication it takes.
    I would alllow you guilt if you shrugged and went and bought AF without a second thought

  16. it is an amazing feat...all that milk...even if it didnt all happen as you had hoped. i admire you. much love.

  17. you go momma! that is an incredible amount of milk. My stores have never been enough to even make it to the freezer!

  18. That is truly amazing Jeanette. He's one lucky boy!!! xx

  19. You rock. Nuff said.

  20. How can you possibly consider that a failure? As someone who "succeeded" in breastfeeding yet "failed" to pump anything worth freezing, I think it's probably much harder to exclusively pump than to exclusively breastfeed, especially over such a long period of time.
    You're amazing!

  21. That is amazing. I am in awe. I can only breastfeed with one boob. I have fed two kids with only one, but they basically tap the thing every feeding. I could never build up a reserve, so that looks like a freezer of gold to me. Much love to you. xo

  22. Wow that is a lot of milk!


  23. WOW - that shows such commitment and lurve lurve lurve on a GRAND scale Mrs! Love the photos, giftbag joy.
    I just bought these to use as lunch bags - V cute.

  24. Wow - I see a lot of love in that freezer!


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