Parcels full of surprises!

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One day last week I received a lovely big surprise parcel. I opened it and discovered this lovely wee chap inside.
Ernest was napping, but his little friend was immediately in love with this Rubens Barn Doll from Play Merrily Toys, and once Ernest woke up he was too!
They both grinned at little Emil, and touched his face, and hair, and in the few days he's been here with us, he's had a lot of love, not only from the little people, but the big children and even I can't stop picking him up to give him a cuddle.
Such a lovely tactile doll, just the right weight and size for a proper hug, unyet perfect for a toddler too. Ernest has been dragging him around with him everywhere.

Also in the box were these fabulous Djeco Topanimo Stacking Blocks
These have been a HUGE hit with Ernest.
They are paper pulp boxes with a shiny wipe clean finish (believe me, we've tested this quality thoroughly!).
The boxes are decorated so beautifully, they are light and easy to stack, but also strong enough to withstand toddler play.

There are also six little animals that accompany the boxes, and each box is their home.

Ernest loves to stack them, and move them from one surface to another, but best of all he likes to play peepo with the animals.

He covers them over...

Where have they gone?


It's hilarious, because he seems genuinely surprised the animals are there!

This toy is going to get lots of use in this house.

Full Disclosure: These toys were sent to me by Play Merrily Toys for review on this blog. I am genuinely delighted with both toys, as is Ernest (and his little friend, Eric)

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  1. My daughter has two Ruben's Barn babies from Merry that she loves. I never thought of the smaller size ones for a toddler! Might have to look into that! Is he very soft? (the doll of course!)
    I love those stacking boxes- esp. because of the animals- it adds another dimension to basic cardboard stackers! So cute!

  2. He is soft, but firm enough to give him some body..does that make sense? I've seen similar style cheaper dolls that are just too soft.

  3. Gorgeous review! Thank you. Those stacking blocks; I met the rep the week before I had Freddie and picked them out as something I would give him. Ernest and my nephew Kit are the only two children I have given them to as gifts and Ben will get some too. They are extra special.

  4. My Mum bought those stacking boxes for my 9 month old for xmas. They are just fab...only the 7 year old seems to have stolen the boxes LOL. Great for all ages!

  5. Those blocks are beyond cute!

  6. Makes complete sense Jeanette.. thank you so much!

  7. He is so beautiful J, I just love him to pieces! Gorgeous toys as well. Everytime I try to get Vivi interested in her waldorf dolls she scoffs, she loves the plastic babies...sigh

  8. I think I am going to get the stacking box set. We had one lovely set, that lasted through two children, but has sadly collapsed with the third.


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