Wrap Conversion

3:45 pm

I've owned this Ellaroo Wrap for several years, it's been on holiday with the Slinging In The Rain Library for a few years, but been back in my hands for the past few months.
I hadn't been reaching for it much, but am sentimentally attatched to it. It carried my chubby not so little Sid.
Walking at Styal Mill Country Park
And carried him again when he was a toddler.
cheeky smile
I thought I might make it into a ring sling, and then I pondered making it into a mei tai.
I've never really been fond of the idea of converting a wrap into a Mei Tai. I always thought it was odd to cut up a perfectly beautiful and adaptable wrap and make it into something else that in my opinion wasn't nearly so adaptable.
Never mind the expense of buying a wrap and then making it into something else.
I have made ring slings from wraps, and I've used wrap scraps to make Mei Tai body's before, I still miss my custom made Aqua Waves and wool Connecta.
Aqua Waves Connecta
Still, despite my general unease about wrap conversions, I thought I'd have a go at making one, just to see.
The Ellaroo was only a size 4.2, not really long enough for a regular wrap conversion, with wrap style straps and a sleep hood that I had in mind, but with a bit of creative cutting and adaptation of my Zidee pattern pieces I've made what isn't strictly speaking a true wrap conversion, but a Mei Tai made from a wrap.
Wrap conversions usually, and sensibly rely on the qualities of the wrap in question to provide support and comfort. (And a voice inside my head still says "so why cut up the wrap then?)
Ellaroo wraps are not really renowned for their support. They are great quality budget wraps, but do require care and skill to use compared to many other more expensive wraps such as Didymos for example.
With this in mind, plus the length of fabric available to me, I decided to support the body of the carrier with an internal layer of cotton canvas, and to pad the shoulder and waist straps just lightly.
Front Carry, Ellaroo Jeri Wrap Conversion
I haven't made a baby carrier in a while, and it was nicely relaxing putting this one together this afternoon.
I had to wrestle Ernest in from playing football with his brothers to try it on, but for the few moments I had him up there on my back, it felt comfortable, and it's long enough in the body to support Ernest's head should he fall asleep, but I can easily shorten the body too, by folding up the waistband, as I have in the front carry photograph.
Not bad for an afternoons work.

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  1. It's lovely. I've always wanted one of your carriers. We're pretty much exclusive Toddler hawkers atm as with pods Tobias pulls his legs down and together and if he doesn't want to be in it it has too much give.
    Honestly your wrap conversion is gorgeous and lovely fabric. And all in an afternoon!! Envy.

  2. I love it! (it would have taken me longer than just an afternoon to make!)

  3. Lovely! You've inspired me to finish my own conversion of an ellaroo, the pieces are all cut out but unsewn. I've also planned to reinforce the body with a layer of cotton lawn in between 2 layers of wrap. I only had a 3.6m wrap so my waist straps will be cord so that I've got lots of lovely width for wrap style straps. I can never get enough support with normal mt straps, I think you need to reinforce really with the straps. I had also planned to pad the top part of the strap to make it kinder on the shoulder! Ellaroos are lovely fabrics but sooooooo thin!

  4. I envy ALL your skills ;) (in a nice way).
    Wrap conversions are for people like me who appreciate the qualities of a wrap but cannot do it :)

    1. I love how pretty wraps are but I can't DEAL with the extra fabric!! But I also dislike buckles... and thick padded straps! that's why I love mei tai's... and if you end up with a wrap that you love but never use, why not turn it into something that *will* get used?? [or sell it, but I'm too lazy to get into that circle... I'd rather sew!!]

  5. It looks lovely! I wish I had your wrap (and sewing) skills, all I can manage is a front carry. :)

  6. I adored my Ellaroo (but I am seriously impressed by you carrying a toddler in one - I couldn't manage Toby after 10 months) and did consider having mine converted in some way - but it was Emma's legacy wrap and I just couldn't do it.

    I love, love , love yours though - it looks very comfy.

  7. I love this! I always wanted to do more baby-wearing with my son, but could never get the hang of it. Baby number 2 was due 6 days ago, and the Sleepy Wrap is ready and waiting! x

  8. did you use an available pattern. i want to convert a satori piece I'm getting but not sure where to start for a pattern.


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