A new (old) skirt.

3:58 pm

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I cut this skirt out back in September 2011, I cut out two, one I made up and some of you might remember it.
I'm very pleased to say, that skirt is now far too big for me, and went off to the charity shop a little while ago.
This one, I came across yesterday when sorting through my sewing desk, and decided to stitch it up.
I'm really quite pleased with how it looks in a smaller size, and have cut out three more today in different fabrics..here's hoping I don't take another 10 months to sew those up!
new skirt

And if you want to make your own a line skirt, you can follow my instructions on drafting and making up here, or just click on the linkie in the side bar.

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  1. Wow Jeanette, you look fantastic, I am loving your hair and slimline look! Also, love the skirt. I think I'm going to have a go at one myself x

  2. whoot woo!!! (is that how you spell a wolf whistle???) Looking GOOD! x

  3. Jeanette, you look a-maz-ing!!!

  4. You look amazing! I love that skirt. If we lived closer I would have you make my clothes for me. You have so much talent!


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