First project from the shed.

7:58 pm

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Monday 19th August is the Day of Hope, and this year I'm taking part in the Prayer Flag project organised by Carly Marie.
I decided my first project to work on in my new shed should be my flag for Florence.
I gathered together my materials, and made myself comfortable; radio tuned to radio 4 a lovely cup of tea and a biccy or two.



The main fabric used for the flag is a piece of my favourite maternity dress worn throughout my pregnancy with Florence and with Ernest.
Here I am with my Florence bump.

39 weeks

I appliqued a grey dove using a small running stitch. I wanted this project to be entirely hand worked. I enjoy the calm of hand sewing, and wanted this flag to have a delicate fragile quality. I have combined hand stitching with raw edges in the hope of acheiving that.



I then added some organza ribbon and four satin roses, one for each year Florence has been gone.


I also added some lace across the top edge to hang the flag.


Any finally six little rustic kisses, one for each of my children, and the way I sign letters and cards.


Next Monday I will hang the flag, and take photos for the Prayer Flag project.

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  1. Beautiful. Love the lace and the kisses. The roses brought a tear. You have expressed this beautifully. Very pretty flag. Xxx

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I intend to make a prayer flag, as well, and hopefully before the 19th. Your flag brought such inspiration. I love how everything holds such meaning!

  3. I remember that maternity dress, such a beautiful way to remember your precious Florence.

    Love the colourful teapot, tray and mug, wishing for you many happy sewing hours in your lovely shed.

    San xxx

    PS Has Woody managed to sort out your lighting and heating?!

    1. Yes! We have a temporary solution, but he's going to make it more permanent soon, and a friend's husband has offered to help me add a green roof when he next visits (though he might now be regretting that offer!)

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