Floral Skater Skirt

7:27 pm

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India asked me to make her a skater skirt, she needs new clothes for back to college.


This is 100% cotton, self drafted circle skirt with a waistband, invisible zip and hook and eye fastenings.


I still need to tweak my circle skirt drafting method, but will practice on a skirt for myself I think.


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  1. Love the skirt. ....!

  2. Lovely skirt on an equally lovely looking young lady!


  3. That is really pretty...how do you hem it though? Half the reason I don't sew for me is I'm terrible at hemming skirts!

    1. Hemming circle skirts can be tricky, it's vital to leave the finished skirt hanging overnight so the fabric can find it's own natural level.
      For this skirt I used a narrow hem, I started by neatening the raw edge with an overlock stitch (a zig zag will do), then I sewed a guide line 1cm in froom the raw edge. I used this guide line to press up my hem.After a good pressing I sewed the hem using the sewing machine, sewing on the right side using the edge of the presser foot as a guide from the folded edge of the skirt to ensure my stitching was even.
      I would ordinarily fold a double hem, one small 5mm fold pressed and then the required hem pressed, and I would sew by hand using a slip stitch, but this skirt was a quick turn around fashion item for my daughter, so a machine hem was perfectly suitable. hope that helps. x


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