Monday, August 05, 2013

Sewing Shed

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Sometimes, I get an idea in my head and all other projects get dropped because I simply have to see the new idea through.
This time, it's an idea I've had before, but was convinced was unworkable until a dear friend suggested I give it a try. Somehow her suggestion seemed to give me that final push, and my new sewing shed is taking shape! (Some people might call it a grown up wendy house...they wouldn't be wrong!)

This was how our regular garden shed looked on Thursday.

Our shed before

On Saturday I started work on transforming the outside.

Starting to paint

I also began work on clearing the many spiders???
I also found this abandoned wasp nest attached to the ceiling. It really is the most beautiful thing, it now lives on my mantel shelf in the lounge.
(I think it's a solitary/paper wasp nest)


The outside of the shed is complete with a few little decorative touches.


I'm now working on the inside. I've painted most of the inside, just the ceiling and the floor to go.
I'm thinking about how I'm going to insulate in time for the winter, and also heating, and lighting...actually I'm mostly leaving those boring bits for Woody to think about and concentrating on rugs,cushions and decor...grown up wendy house! I will be having a kettle, and biscuits, all future visitors will be expected to play tea parties in my new shed...local friends, you have been warned! and Rachel, you get best mug and most chocolatey biccy for giving me that push to get this sorted!


  1. Aw sew sweet!!! Shame i don't live nearer!!

    Lovely idea, blankets are a good standby for chilly days but yes Woody has to sort the electrics, unless you use your singer treddle machine!

    Hugs San xx

    1. The treadle is moving out there later today hopefully.

  2. What a lovely idea. It probably gives you more space and a little sanctuary. I would love to have a wendy house for myself. Can't to see the inside....

  3. Oh Janette, this is amazing. I think this might be the push I need to sort my shed out over the next year. I started it last year and did one interior wall before life took over. This is the kick I needed, enjoy it and please post the interior and the tips for insulation etc. Thanks x

  4. I have this in my project book from almost 3years ago!...our shed is literally falling apart and we still can't afford a new day, one day!
    I skipped forward and am in love with the finished result, watching with interest how you get electrics down there and security. {DH always said a thick plastic pipe buried just below the ground?}
    Hope you get to spend LOTS of happy hours down there


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