Dove Applique

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dove dress collage, originally uploaded by Lazy Seamstress.
A few weeks ago I shared a tutorial and free template to make my Scrappy Doves. As many regular readers will know, I have often used the same dove template as an applique design, sometimes on very precious items.

Today, I thought I would share with you how I use this template to machine applique.

You will need:

The Scrappy Dove template
Paper scissors
Fabric scissors
Fusible web such as Bonda web
Sewing machine
Laundry marker
Scraps of fabric
Item to be appliqued.

Start by printing the dove template, and either tracing the pieces (body and wing), or cutting out the pieces from your print out.

Pin your pieces to your chosen scrap fabrics.

cutting out dove

Cut out one body and one wing.

cut out dove

Pin your fabric pieces to the fusible web and cut out.

bonda web

Position on your item, in this case I am planning to use the dove on the front of a Flossie's Pinafore, so I am using the front pattern piece before stitching the dress together.


When happy with your positioning, remove pins and press in place. The fusible web will adhere the dove pieces to the item being appliqued.

press in place 5

Choosing a satin stitch on your sewing machine, or if your machine does not have a satin stitch a close zig zag. (usually by changing the length of the stitch to 0 and the width to 3, experiment on some scraps first! ), stitch your applique carefully in place.
I start at the edge of the wing, pivoting my machine at the corners and working around to the other edge of the wing.
Then I start again at the tip of the wing, stitching around the wing and back to the tip.
The eye is drawn on with a laundry marker and then stitched over the drawn line.

applique collage

If you are feeling confident, you can add extra details, or perhaps a button for the eye, some sequins on the tail or wing, have fun, and remember I love seeing photos of anything made using my tutorials.

dove collage

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  1. OK my mistake in the past has been to not use the fusible web and just whack it on, handy little tip that, thank you!

    1. Fusible web makes all the difference. :)

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