My Vintage Lady Skater

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lady skater vintage collage, originally uploaded by Lazy Seamstress.
Yesterday I sewed up three more Lady Skater dresses. I'd cut them out just before Christmas and yesterday was the first opportunity I'd had to get down to my shed studio to stitch them up.
This one is made with some vintage fabric I'd bought last year at Stockport Vintage Village. I'm guessing it dates from the 60's or 70's because it's that awful synthetic almost plastic feeling fabric that was popular then. It's incredibly static, even with a full slip underneath. I didn't dare do a burn test for fear of filling the house with toxic gasses!
The print is lovely though, and it only cost £3.
It's quite a lightweight fabric, mildly see through, so a full slip is essential if I ever want to stand with the sun behind me. And although a stretch fabric, stretch in only one direction, not the ideal choice for this pattern, but I wondered if it could work.

ladyskater vintage 3

I had a small amount of pulling at the bust of my last Lady Skater dress. The pattern suggests no need for a Full Bust Adjustment for us larger boobied, but despite cutting out a size 5 for my high bust measurement, I did still have some pulling. Something most people wouldn't notice, but I became more aware of it as I wore my green dress.
Knowing that this fabric was less stretchy than the fabric I had used for my green dress, and not really wanting the palaver of doing a FBA for such a simple quick make, I added a little extra to the side seams at bust level. Sadly, I still do have some pulling. Again not terribly noticeable to most, but it is bothering me.

I also had to cut the skirt shorter and make a tiny hem because I didn't have enough fabric for the full length skirt. The skirt isn't scandalously short for a middle aged woman, and I think turned out to be an appropriate length for the style of fabric, with a feintly 60's feel . (I look scarily like my Mum in these photos during the very early 70's when I was a baby).

ladyskater vintage 5

I'll be honest and say that after I'd finished this dress, I felt decidedly "meh" about it, but having let it hang overnight and tried it on again this morning, I really quite like it.
(Even if my fringe is looking rather peculiar in these photos, it's not as uneven as it looks promise!)

And the other two I made? I'll be posting about those this week.

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  1. Love the dress, love the shoes! just wondering would it also look good with boots or ballet pumps? Might buy the pattern if it would look good with either of the above footwear, my shoe collection is not as extensive as yours!!

  2. I'm wearing boots today with another of these dresses, and I wore ballet flats in the photos for my green dress, so yes! It's a very versatile dress!


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