Another day another Lady Skater

11:01 am

geo print ls3, originally uploaded by Lazy Seamstress.
This is the second of the three Lady Skater dresses I stitched up on Saturday.
This geo print jersey was bought probably two years ago in Leons, and has sat in my stash all that time because I just couldn't see myself in it.
I thought it might work as a Lady Skater, but wasn't convinced I'd like the final dress.

geo print ls 6

Once sewn up though, I actually like it best out of the three dresses, despite the non matching pattern at the waist and side seams, I was working with limited fabric so had to forgoe pattern matching.
The fabric is a good quality jersey with good stretch, and as with the vintage dress, I cut the bust slightly bigger this time. I have less pulling at the bust, but the printed pattern is somewhat distorted over my breasts, which I don't like.
This fabric is quite heavy, and the quantity of fabric in the skirts has pulled the waist down about two centimetres below my natural waist. Something I also experienced with the green dress. It's a minor issue and easily remedied.

geo print ls7

This dress has three quarter length sleeves which I also prefer.
Again, I finished the sleeves with a hem, I don't really like a band on a sleeve.

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  1. Love the colours and pattern on this! Yeah, it can be worn with boots and flats, so all I need to do is buy the pattern, find some fabric and magic some time in the loft room! The latter part is the sticking point! BUT, I have promised myself a regular slot in that room, so will have to let you know how I get on.

    I have posted a web address for the chocolate bar tea underneath your comment.

    San xx


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