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wool dress 8, originally uploaded by Lazy Seamstress.
Shopping with my friend Mary a few weeks ago, I spotted this gorgeous piece of navy and teal wool in Abakhan. I didn't need much pursuading by Mary to buy it, and as it was Sale time, it only cost me £15.
I thought I would make myself another of my favourite vintage dresses, but instead decided to combine the bodice of my favourite vintage pattern with a circle skirt. I was going to draft a circle skirt when I remembered I already had a vintage circle skirt pattern which would save me the bother and the maths!

wool dress 9

The wool fabric has a poly backing to stabilise the weave, which even with the backing is a little unstable, quite a loose stretchy weave, but with such a lovely drape and feel.
I usually press my fabrics before cutting out, but this wool was not creased so I just cut it out, this turned out to be a mistake because despite folding the fabric in various ways to see which layout for the pattern pieces would be best, I totally missed a weaving flaw in the skirt panel until I had sewn it on.

2014-01-20 14.19.16

After a minor panic and a bit of problem solving I decided to add three rows of big ric rac across the skirt, concealing the weaving flaw and adding some decorative detail at the same time.

2014-01-20 16.34.06

2014-01-25 11.28.03

I also added the same ric rac to the sleeve edges, just to tie everything in.

wool dress 6

The wool being a faily unstable weave has stretched out very slightly at the neck edge, and at the squared off princess seams, but on the whole the fit is still good.
I also suspect that a gentle wash might tighten things up a little.
I wore this dress for an evening out with friends last night, and just as anticipated it is as comfy as my other dresses made from the same pattern I used for the bodice. A very easy dress to wear.
My friend Mary suggested adding a peter pan collar to the next one I make, I think she is onto something there!

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  1. What a genious save on that fabric flaw! Isn't it great when it all comes together in the end?
    The dress is fabulous, and you look very good in it ;)

  2. Yes a peter pan collar and go you for adding the rick-rack, it really finishes off the dress quite beautifully.

    I have been in the loft room and I'm working on a top for me, will let you know how I get on!

    Have a good week

    San xx

    1. I'll look forward to seeing your new top San. x

  3. What a beautiful dress, I wish I could make and wear something so lovely!

    Heidi-Elizabeth x

  4. What a clever fix! Sometimes mistakes really do allow us to bring out the best in a garment, which I think you've done here!

    1. Don't they just? A happy accident.

  5. You clever lady you! Great dress, great fix!

  6. Thank you Zara May, will take a look at yours too. x

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