A Quick Upcycle

5:38 pm

skirt 4

Trying to take self timed photos with Ernest is not easy, but at least he makes me laugh!

Nine months ago I bought this slightly bonkers Dirndl dress in my local charity shop. I suspect it had been made for a theatre production or similar. Despite some of my friends suggesting I wear it as it was, I knew I never could, at least not without two giant tankers of frothy ale as accessories!

skirt 5

Yesterday evening I had 30 minutes of time to myself so whipped up this skirt. I'd already cut out the skirt and waistband several months ago, so it was a simple task of adding in a zip and sewing on the waistband. I've actually made it a touch too big, so should probably re do the waistband. I wore it today anyway with a safety pin to make it the right size. I suppose I should just be glad I didn't make it too small!

skirt 1

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  1. I found a groovy table cloth today and this skirt inspired me to buy it and turn it into a skirt lol. Very cute. V xxx


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