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Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge

I have made this dresss before, six years ago. The pattern* came in a bundle from a friend, still in it's original postage envelope with a postmarked date of 1968. I made it to wear to a friend's 40th birthday. The dress code was 1968, so it seemed perfect. I thought at the time I might wear it again, I never did and it went in a charity bag.

The pattern is a size 36 inch bust, so too small for me, my high bust is 38" and full bust 42", so a fair bit of sizing up and full bust adjusting went on. I made a quick toile of my first adjustments, then made extra adjustments on the dress...lots of extra adjustments! This dress was a total pain in the behind!I hadn't kept a record of any of the adjustments I had made first time either, so I was starting again.

vintage simplicity

There were several times stitching this up that it very nearly got thrown in the dustbin, but I loved the fabric, and it is amazing how determined I can be when I know what I really should have been doing was catching up with childminding paperwork, and not sewing at all!

vintage simplicity 4

You can see from this photo that the v neck doesn't lie quite flat, and I actually think this neckline on this dress just doesn't suit me.

vintage simplicity 3

Here, you can see that the bust dart is really too high. I had moved the bust dart on the rough toile, but then lengthened the bodice on the dress and somehow, somewhere managed to move the dart.

Sad to say, my mess ups didn't end there either!
I managed to cut the skirt pieces too small and had to add in two extra strips of fabric at the centre back. I also had to take out the back  high waist darts because once the zip was in I could barely zip up past my rib cage! You'll have to just imagine that dogs dinner, because I didn't get any clear photos of the back.

Despite all of that though, I did finish the dress, adding a strip of mustard linen to the empire line to give it some shape. I love the fabric, and the colours, but the dress is not for me. The shape is not very flattering on my top heavy figure and it just feels wrong.
I did wear it one day last week, and it is better than a £5 dress from a bargain high street store, I might even wear it as a weekend "stay at home" dress, but all in all not a success.

vintage simplicity 5

Will I try this pattern again? I'm not sure. I'm tempted to play with the bodice again, choose a different neckline, move the darts, and add a different skirt shape, but that might make it a different dress all together. We'll see.

* links to an image of the same pattern, but not my actual pattern, as my envelope is very damaged.

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  1. And there is me thinking it looked good on you!! Mind you I understand your criticisms I was the same when I made my dress a few weeks ago and I am no way as accomplished as you!!

    I love the fabric and the colour combo looks gorgeous on you.

    San xx

  2. Oh it sounds like you had a nightmare, but well done with persevering, I'd have chucked it in the corner and reached for the gin at the first sign of trouble! I actually think the finished dress is kinda cute and the fabric is lovely, if it's comfortable, it's an ideal pottering around at the weekend dress! 😊

  3. I agree with San that it suits you. However, it is all about what we feel comfortable wearing! Love the fabrics and think the yellow gives a fab pop of colour.


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