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I love living in Greater Manchester, I've been in love with the North and Manchester particularly since I moved here in October 1989. Even the rain has never put me off, and honestly it doesn't always rain.
Woody works in the centre of Manchester and often I'll catch the train in, mooch around my favourite shops in the Northern Quarter and then meet him for lunch in one of the many great bars and cafes.
One of my favourite shops to visit is Fred Aldous, three floors of art and craft materials plus great quirky gifts and cards.
The basement of Fred Aldous is also home to Ministry Of Craft , where you can take workshops in a whole host of  craft disciplines, from absolute beginners getting to know their sewing machine, making a tailored skirt, stitching your own knickers, getting to grips with embroidery, making jewellery and so much more! They even run hen parties, which seem like a lot of fun.

One class recently added to the programme is my very own! I'm really excited to be joining the other fabulous tutors at The Ministry Of Craft to bring you an upcycling class.
As my long term readers know, I love a bit of upcycling, am often found elbow deep in a box of old linens in various charity shops.
I have designed a class for Advanced Beginners; Short and Sweet Pyjamas .

upcycled pj's 4

As any regular charity shopper knows, there are always plenty of mens shirts in stock in most of the charity shops, and even if not, mens shirts are easy to come by scrounged from the men in your life. Woe betide any man in my extended family throwing out shirts just because the collar is frayed!
These pyjamas are made using three mens shirts, keeping details and features of the shirts to add interest.

upcycled pj's 3

Trim is optional, but adds a cute little feminine detail.

upcycled pj's 5

There is an option to use pillowcases instead of shirts for the pyjama shorts. That is what I have done here.



Taking this class you will learn how to layout patterns on challenging fabric, how to make french seams, to use bias binding to finish a raw edge, to make casings and add trim. Once you have completed your first upcycled outfit, I promise you will never look at old clothes in the same way again, everything will have potential!

short pj's 3

short pj's 4

To book this class, head on over to Ministry Of Craft for more details. I can't wait to meet you!

Don't be shy, say hello!


  1. How did I not know about Ministry of Craft? Thanks for the link! I'm just north of Manchester and it doesn't always just sometimes seems like it! ;-)

    1. Hello! Do check out Ministry of Craft, the team are great. :)

  2. Aw we are away then! Well done you for teaching a class, it's about time, you clever gal!

    San xx

    1. Thanks San, I am so looking forward to encouraging people to sew. :)

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