Amy Butler Tunic

6:33 pm

tunic 1, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I started making this Amy Butler Tunic yesterday and completed it today. I used some vintage cotton bought at the antique textile fair a few weeks ago.
The green floral cotton only cost me £1 (for about 3 metres),and is from the 1960's.The accent cotton is original 1930's and was £12 for that tiny piece,but I love it next to the green.

tunic 3

tunic 4

When I unpacked the green floral cotton,I realised I'd bought it based on the muted tones of the wrong side,and actually I really don't like the right side of the print,which you can see here on the inside of the tunic.

tunic 2

I plan to wear this with jeans and sandals in the summer,and almost certainly with a shrug too.(I hate my fat arms,which is why I didn't make the tunic with cap sleeves,fat arms and big boobs are a disaster with cap sleeves!)

tunic 5

I'm not sure I'll use this pattern again. I had to fiddle with the front section to get it to fit right.I ended up putting a small dart in the top of the centre front to get it to fit without gaping.I noticed even on the model on the pattern envelope the bust fabric gapes,so I don't think it was my duff sewing that was the problem.
If I do make it again,and I half wanted to make the cami version in some lovely Liberty tana lawn I've been saving,I think I'll have to have a play with the fit first.

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  1. I love the fabrics you used for your tunic : ) and the tunic too of course : )

  2. Thank you so much for your assessment of this pattern, I've been wondering whether to purchase it (i think i may actually try to recreate it to avoid the kind of frustration you describe!)
    In any case, I think you did a wonderful job, I love the finished garment and the fabrics you picked out.

  3. Gorgeous as usual :-) but OMG!!! that print fabric! I swear it's the same pattern I made my first smock dress from at school! I bought it from Harborne! (about '73) more blues, but the print is the same!!

    Looks really good with the green shrug :-)
    Well done missus, going to wear it to JL's? ;-)

  4. Thanks for the comments,I love to trace everyone back and check out their blogs too,some gorgeous yumminess there!

    LOL Sun, maybe I should wear the tunic on my next trip to JL!


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