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10:23 am

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My sweet baby is starting pre school this afternoon ,and every time i think about it my heart races,my stomach flips over and tears well in my eyes.
I think he will enjoy it, he certainly enjoyed our visit on Monday ,but it's another little bit of letting go,and I don't like it.
Last night unable to relax I needed a distraction, so began to have a play with my banner. I'm not particularly pleased with any of the versions I have so far,but as it's the only really creative thing I've done all this week,I thought I'd share anyway,and maybe get an opinion from people out there reading.
These two are the contenders for my Etsy Store

banner 1


Maybe I'll have more time to play this weekend.

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  1. I prefer the colours of the bottom one - but the number of dandelions in the middle one - does that make sense ?


  2. Yep, that makes sense. (they are dahlias,but I'll forgive you! )

  3. Aww he'll be fine - which one are you sending him to? Josh started a few weeks ago and has a whale of a time :D

  4. Whoops sorry - but I do like them ! The dahlias that is ... I woujld love to try to embroider one would you mind?

  5. I hope he enjoyed his day.

    I think I like the lighter coloured banners because it is easier to read the text on it but I do like the number of dahlias on the other ones.

  6. Sid had a wonderful time,didn't even look up when I said goodbye! (he's at StG's Jenga)
    As for the banners, I think I like the lighter colours,the font on the lighter colours,but more flowers.
    I need to work more on them really.
    Vanessa, go ahead and embroider a flower hun, I'd love to see the results.

  7. I like the lighter ones...with upright text for the title and italics for the description...any amount of flowers as they're gorge xx


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