Is it weird to like dead flowers?

4:19 pm

dead flower colours, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I've had this little pot plant on my bathroom windowsill all summer. I paid £1.50 for it and it's given me a lovely display of bright orange flowers all summer long. Until this week I've been carefully deadheading to encourage the next flowers,but each time I've admired the lovely deep reds and golds of the dead flowers,so I decided to leave this one on,and it's rewarded me by changing into this autumnal pom pom. I love it,but I do feel rather guilty for liking something when it's dead and slowly decaying.
I stole the idea for the colour chart directly from Amy Schimler. Maybe if I get time this week,I'll do some drawings in these colours.

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  1. Only as weird as me! Whenever I buy fresh flowers I leave them to dry in the vase. The last lot were there four months! And still looked gorge lol.I usually buy flowers I know dry well. Hey they're not dead...they're preserved :P xx


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