A Zidee Mei Tai?

4:59 pm

A Zidee Mei Tai?, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Just having a play and a ponder.
We haven't used a Mei Tai for a while. I have made lots in the past,but was never quite satisfied with the design. This one is based on my Zidee design,and as you can see works well with Sid.
I've a feeling I'll be forcing all my babywearing friends to try this one out with their little ones.

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  1. It looks great!

    I don't think you will have to force you friends to try it out ;-)

  2. I'd be delighted to try it out, not that you'll need to use much persuasion on any babywearers! Can I come for a cuppa and a play? If it's anything like your pods it's bound to be as comfy as it is pretty!

  3. LOL, both of you were on my list of testers. ;0)

  4. yay! I'm excited now! I'm on a bit of a wanting-to-try-things thing at the mo!

  5. Please add me to your list of willing volunteers to try the mei tei! I'm finding wrapping and ECing a little incompatible now Magnus is awake a lot during the day.
    I have been psyching myself up to try to make a mei tei but I'd much rather wear one of yours! ;)
    Made myself another pod but I'm not getting on with it....

  6. PS How gorgeous is young Sid these days?! What a cutie, even cuter for knowing he is such a character....

  7. Of course you can have a try Sarah. ;0)

  8. Oooo Jeanette - that looks yummy. Bet it's really comfy too, you talented thing you.

  9. I'm in the queue too for a try Jeanette :-)

  10. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Ohh, I'd be so very kind to try it out for you...;-)
    Love the colors!



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