Saved this one for Friday

11:15 am

Saved this one for Friday, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I saved this dress to wear today, for IWADD/W I really wanted to wear it with these shoes,but I can't actually walk in them very far and as there was a lot of walking involved in this mornings schedule,some with my friends toddler riding on my back and Sid in the pushchair, I thought it best to wear sensible flat boots.

More sensible

I've thoroughly enjoyed IWADD/W even if I didn't have enough dresses and resorted to skirts for most of the week. I've resolved to wear dresses and skirts most of the time in future,they are actually way more comfy than jeans that I always seem to be hitching up.

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  1. Looking good. You know, I've often thought that about skirts and dresses...much comfier! Not to mention more flattering and dignified. Yay for looking feminine! xxxx

  2. I have decided to wear skirts more often but I always seem to grab trousers as they don't involve tights etc!

    Love the colour of your tights, I just bought some purple ones from M&S

  3. That dress looks great and I love the purple tights!

  4. Funnily enough I came to the same conclusion the other day - skirts are so much more flattering, avoids the hideous muffin top I get with jeans! The other bonus is it gives me an excuse to shop for boots...!

    You look great Jeanette.


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