An everything kind of day.

6:42 pm

new pj's , originally uploaded by indiaeden.

You know those days where the mood can change from one extreme to the other in an instant? well today has kinda been one of those days, even the weather couldn't make up it's mind, sunny and blue skies one moment, grey with freezing rain the next!
This morning I did some work on Heather's wedding dress toile no 2, and to my surprise liked the pattern way more when putting it together than I expected to. I even started to imagine how I could adapt the bodice design into a blouse one day when I'm not the size of a house.
Then I remembered I wanted to make some cool cotton pyjamas for after giving birth, and maybe I could adapt the bodice pattern into a pretty pyjama top, or at least the elements I liked.
So that's what I did. I'll be honest and say my first attempts are not exactly perfect, but wearable, and I now know better how to adapt the design , so may well have another go over the weekend.
I did try to take pics, but really all you can see is a hugely pregnant woman in pastel pj''ll just have to use your imagination.....

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