More Woollies

4:25 pm

More woollies, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

I've been meaning to make some of these since Sid was a baby. Simple pull on soakers made from lush wool interlock.
They are very similiar in shape to the lovely Fleecycheeks my friend Angi used to make..totally unintentional, but I like that style. Of course Fleecycheeks were stuffable and these are not.
(The crease down the centre will dissapear once I wash and lanolise these.)

with label

These are a medium size, just pondering how cute they'd be in a small.....

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  1. oh wow! they are gorgeous :-) genius idea doing them in wool! yum yum :-)

    (where did you get the interlock from? not sure what I'd use it for but it looks lush!)

  2. I got it ages ago, from a co op. It wasn't easy to get hold of, and wasn't cheap either, but it is gorgeous!


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