Is there anything cuter than these?

1:15 pm

kissaluvs, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

Kissaluvs in the smallest size! yes I know they'll only fit for a day or two, but who can resist such cuteness? Not me, I guess!
I'm now into the less than 10 week countdown to birth, and I'm actually quite excited!
You might have to put up with a few more posts like this one over the next few weeks.
The only sewing project I have on the go right now is Heather's wedding dress,but I'm taking my time with that. Off to hunt down some buttons for it later.

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  1. They are so cute! I bought some before Sam was born and never used them.

  2. Yes, definitely cute!! I bought some Tots Bots a couple of days ago and spent quite a while, just stroking them and hoping my nappy-changing days don't end too quickly!

  3. soooo cute... you may have inspired me to get my teeny bimbles out of the loft (or get dh to do it, I am at same stage of pregancy as you) and have a go at dying them... what is it about this stage in pregnancy and feeling so "nesty"... :D

  4. I KNOW. They are among my favorites.

    And I'll never need them again. I don't know how I feel about that...

  5. They are too tiny....sooo cute!

  6. Kissaluvs are sooo cute... I had some for my Ds (now 3) and was gutted when he outgrew them at only a few weeks old!

  7. Ahhh! Anna had some of these, they are just gorgeous.


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