So tell me...

4:22 pm

Nappies, originally uploaded by indiaeden.

...It's totally normal to wash all the flat nappies ( terries and muslins ) ready for the baby and then photograph them hanging to dry?
I don't think any other nesting is more satisfying than a line (or two) full of bright clean nappies, on a sunny and blowy day.

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  1. And I thought I was the only strange person when I put pics up a month ago of our nappies flitting in the breeze waiting for a baby still to come.
    So pleased to be proved not...

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  3. LOL Becks, looks like I'm in good company!
    I had a very happy 30 mins last evening folding all the dry nappies ready to be used.
    Shaped nappies next, and then the woolly wraps need blog may get rather boring!!

  4. I do this too!! Something really lovely about a line full of flapping nappies. Only I have to go and sniff them every few minutes to get that sunshine smell!! I must look very odd!!

  5. lol I love that smell!Loving nest with you Jeanette.;)xxx

  6. my little one is 2 now and just toilet trained - I HAD to tkae photos of the white terry nappies flapping in the breeze oo the hills hoist!


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