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It's Monday morning again. The school runs start in about 25 minutes time, I've been awake from 3am, and I feel sick. I just keep telling myself "it will get easier".
Anyhow, I did manage to finish this skirt yesterday afternoon. After lots of unpicking and re designing as I went along, I think I can say I'm fairly happy with it.

Another skirt

A few people have asked about the post mortem and inquest after I mentioned them in an earlier post. I'm confused about them too!
Basically though, as I understand it, because Florence died unexpectedly, (the pregnancy, birth and immediately post birth were all perfect) we were obliged by law to have a post mortem, and eventually an inquest to determine the actual cause of death, although we have been led to believe that she had an undiagnosed congenital heart condition. The inquest will hopefully give more details, but may not take place for several months, and yes it's very very distressing.

I have been writing up Florence's story when I can , I might share it here when I'm ready.

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  1. That skirt is gorgeous hun! I love the colour.


  2. Your skirt is fab! I love the doves :o)

    Sorry to hear that you have been awake half the night worrying about the school run....It really does get easier, I promise!

    Ellie's postmortem results took ages to come through too- about three months I think?
    Although it was very painful to read, it helped us alot to know more about what had happened. :HUGS:

  3. Anonymous8:58 am

    Beatuiful application, beautiful color - it fits you!

  4. Beautiful doves for World Peace Day :) It will get easier to bear, even though it doesn't feel that way now. Time really is a great healer, slowly day by day things will fall into place ... maybe slightly differently to how they were before and certainly with a place for Florence too. Take things slowly ...

  5. I love that skirt, perfect for Autumn.

    We had to have an inquest/ post mortem too, for Dad.(accidental death) It does stretch out the closure process, as it is a cloud you just don't need. But it will come, and pass. There's nothing to be scared of with it, everyone is very caring and professional with them ime.We found it strangely comforting in the end. I think the inquest was 2-3 months after death, for us.
    Night hours and horrors are the pits...time seems endless awake in the dark. Getting up and doing helped me...Always sending strength.xxxxx

  6. love the skirt, great colour and especially love the doves, very pretty and perfect for these autumn days

  7. You always make such nice skirts! Lovely colour, and love the boots too.


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